Master of Science Mathematics (M.sc- Mathematics)

Programme Description

The Master of Science Mathematics in Mathematics program provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in various areas of mathematics. The program is designed to deepen the understanding of mathematical theories and their applications, as well as to equip students with research and problem-solving abilities.


Entry Level Qualifications for M.sc Mathematics Programme are as per the following:
The minimum eligibility criteria for admission in ODL M.Sc. Mathematics programme is a pass in Graduation (Mathematics) from any Recognized University.

Course Duration

2 Years

Program Structure

Title of the Course
Mathematical Programming
Advanced Numerical Analysis
Integral Equations and Calculus of Variations
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Numerical Analysis Lab-I
Choose any one (Elective- II)
Functional Analysis
Computer System Organizations

Title of the Course
Advanced Linear Algebra
Operations Research
Tensor Analysis
Elective- III Choose any one from list of DSE Courses
Elective- IV Choose any one from list of DSE Courses
Numerical Analysis Lab – II

Program Objectives


Identify and construct mathematical models.


Build a strong foundation in core areas of mathematics.


Be able to communicate mathematical ideas effectively.


Gain knowledge of mathematical modeling, programming, and computational techniques.


Apply mathematical skills and logical reasoning for problem-solving.

Fee Structure

Master of Science- Mathematics Sem I Sem II Sem III Sem IV
Program Fee Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/-
Examination Fee Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/-
Semester Total Rs. 10,500/- Rs. 10,500/- Rs. 10,500/- Rs. 10,500/-
Total Fee Rs. 43,000/-

Note:- Registration Fee (One time & non-refundable)Rs. 1,000/-