Faculty Profile for ‘ODL’ Programmes

Program Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Date of Joining Teaching Experience (Years)
MCA Programme Dr. Pawan Bhambu Associate Professor Ph.D. 03-Mar-23 14 Years
MCA Programme Mr. Mohit Tiwari Assistant Professor M.Tech 20-June-23 2 Years
MCA Programme Ms. Ritu Shree Assistant Professor MCA 03-Mar-23 4 Years
BCA Programme Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sinha Associate Professor Ph.D 17-jul-23 20 Years
BCA Programme Mr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor NET, MCA 20-July-23 5 Years
BCA Programme Ms. Jyoti Shekhawat Assistant Professor M.Tech 3-March-23 4.1 Years
MBA Programme Dr. Vijayendra Shrivastava Associate Professor Ph.D 27-Sep-23 16.3 Years
MBA Programme Ms. Sherya Marthur Assistant Professor MBA/Ph.d Pursuing 7-Oct-23 5 Years
MBA Programme Ms. Richa Goswami Assistant Professor MBA 4-April-23 7 Years
BBA Programme Dr. Sarita Agrawal Associate Professor Ph.D 27-Sep-23 15 Years
BBA Programme Mr. Sehanawaz Assistant Professor MBA 3-Mar-23 9 Years
BBA Programme Dr. Priya Parihar Assistant Professor Ph.D 26-Sep-23 5 Years
M.Sc. Programme Dr. Vandana Agarwal Professor Ph.D 3-Mar-23 13.1 Years
M.Sc. Programme Dr. Deepak Kumar Associate Professor M.Sc., M.Phil 3-Mar-23 10 Years
M.Sc. Programme Mr. Ravindra Assistant Professor M.Phil 3-Mar-23 16 Years