Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Programme Description

The Master of Business Administration is a graduate-level degree program that focuses on developing skills and knowledge in various aspects of business and management. It deals with imparting knowledge about various elements of Organizational/ Company Business including Administration, Management, Finance, Human Resources, Networking, Analytics, International Business, Entrepreneurship etc.


Entry Level Qualifications for MBA Programme are as per the following:
The minimum eligibility criteria for admission in ODL and Online MBA programme is a passed Bachelor Degree of minimum 3 years duration.

Course Duration

2 Years

Program Structure

Course Code Title of the Course
MBM 201 Human Resource Management
MBM 202 Financial Management
MBM 203 Marketing Management
MBM 204 Research Methodology
MBM 209 Management Information System
MBM 210 International Business Management
MBM 214 Total Quality Management
MBM 215 Elective I* - Digital Marketing
MBM 216 Elective II* - Innovation & Design Thinking
SE 201 Business Communication
*Students to choose only one of the elective subjects listed in table above.

Course Code Compulsory Course
MBM 301 Project Management
MBM 302 Supply Chain Management
MBM 304 Strategic Management
MBM 305 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Elective Polls
Course Code Elective(Marketing)
MBM 311 Consumer Behaviour
MBM 314 Marketing of Services
MBM 315 Integrated Marketing Communication
MBM 316 Sales Distribution aND Logistics Management
Course Code Elective(Human Resource Management)
MBM 321 Employee Legislation
MBM 325 Strategic Human Resources Management
MBM 323 Training and Development
MBM 324 Performance Management and Talent Retention
Course Code Elective(Financial Management)
MBM 331 Principles and Practices of Banking
MBM 332 Management of Financial Services
MBM 333 Financial Innovation and Risk Management
MBM 334 Security Market and Portfolio Management
Course Code Elective(Information Technology Management)
MBM 381 Enterprise Resource Planning
MBM 382 Database Management System
BMBM 383 System Analysis and Design
MBM 384 Networking Concepts

Program Objectives


Learn to find solutions to challenges faced by real-world businesses.


Gain comprehensive education that will prepare you for a variety of careers.


Network with a diverse and dynamic community of students, faculty, and industry experts.


Collaborate with professionals and grow both personally as well as professionally.


Acquire practical skills to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Fee Structure

Master of Business Administration Sem I Sem II Sem III Sem IV
Program Fee Rs. 13,000/- Rs. 13,000/- Rs. 13,000/- Rs. 13,000/-
Examination Fee Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,500/-
Semester Total Rs. 14,500/- Rs. 14,500/- Rs. 14,500/- Rs. 14,500/-
Total Fee Rs. 59,000/-

Note:- Registration Fee (One time & non-refundable)Rs. 1,000/-