Vivekananda Global University, Centre for Distance & Online Education will NOT take adversary action against the Learner who lodged the complaint.Centre for Distance & Online Education, VGU encourages individuals to take the following steps regarding the lodging of complaints/Grievances:

Stage 1

Submission of an online complaint/grievance form or through an email to Grievance compliance team.

In the complaint be sure to include:
• Your name and contact information
• Your Enrollment and name of Program
• Who/What the complaint is about
• The instance that occurred
• Date(s) & time of incident
After registration of complained a unique id/email confirmation will be provided to learners for further communication The compliance team will respond to the complaint within 3 working days’ time and get the issue resolved within 10days of complained registered.

Constitution of Grievance Compliance Team-For Academic Grievance (Sequence wise)

I.Learner Support Team
II.LMS Manager
III.Course Coordinator (Specific Course)
IV.Program Coordinator- (Specific Program)

Constitution of Grievance Compliance Team-For Administrative Grievance (Sequence wise)

a.Learner Support Team
b.Deputy Registrar CDOE
c.Director CDOE

Stage 2

If the Learner is dissatisfied with the resolution then he/she may appeal again through online complain form or email and this time the case will be handed over to the Grievance Redressal Committee of Centre for Distance & Online Education headed by Prof.(Dr.) Kailash Agrawal- Convener and the committee will investigate the matter and report back to the Learner. The investigation will be handled in an impartial manner.

Stage 3

If the Learner still be dissatisfied with the resolution, then he or she may contact to the President office of Vivekananda Global University, Jagatpura, and Jaipur for the further resolution over the grievance.

President’s Office- Complaint Redressal Mechanism

Administrative Matters:
President Office
Vivekananda Global University
Sec-36, NRI Road, VIT Campus, Jagatpura, Jaipur- 303012

Note- Member secretary of Grievance Redressal Committee will compile the data of grievances handled during one academic year with the help of Grievance Compliance Team and present a report to Chairman of Grievance Redressal Committee for perusal and necessary actions.