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Discover the Centre for Distance and Online Education at Vivekananda Global University. We offer flexible online courses and programs for busy individuals. Choose from a range of disciplines,taught by experienced faculty. Accessible education, anytime and anywhere. Start your journey towards success today!

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Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE)

Vivekananda Global University is one of the leading private universities of Jaipur.Students at VGU are provided with ample amount of opportunities to develop on both the fronts, personal as well as professional. In recent years, VGU has received numerous of recognition and titles in category of education, research & building sustainability. Being just 8 years young, VGU has set up thousands of benchmarks and has become the fastest growing university of India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The exchange of knowledge between the learned and learner is normally facilitated by regular campus mode of education. However, in the distance mode of education technology vehicles bridge the gap between learned and learner, eliminating the geographical barrier between the two. The learner can login to the virtual classroom as per his/her convenience and comfort. The Vivekananda Global University offers UG and PG Programs through distance mode which are at par with the University campus Programs. The University offers these Programs through a learner friendly, robust, effective Learning Management System (LMS).

Yes, Vivekananda Global University is a member of the AIU.

No, attending the class is not compulsory, the focus is strictly on the learning and its outcome while providing every possible learning support like – interactive, quality learning material, webinar, discussions Personal contact Programs, etc. The learners are free to use these facilities without any compulsions, however, course work is compulsory and no compromise in the evaluation and certification process.

Vivekananda Global University holds convocation once a year, the dates for which are decided by the University. The date of convocation will be notified on website.

Yes. The maximum duration for completing any program is double the number of years of its normal duration.

The purpose of PCPs is to answer queries of learners and clarify their doubts that may not be possible through any other means of communication. It also provides with an opportunity to meet fellow students. Normally, these sessions will be held at the University Headquarter on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and during vacation of programmes in Regular Mode. The Objective of these sessions is to resolve subject-based difficulties and any other related problems. Before attending the PCP for each course, please go through your printed Self Learning material as per the session schedule and make a plan of the points to be discussed.